Why video is still the king of content

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Brand & Marketing

Why video is still the king of content. 

In content kingdom, the reign of video has been undisputed for some time. Whilst memes maintain significant strongholds, podcasts hold numerous provinces and the written word will always be the foundations on which it was all built, video presides over them all.


Video has been a key tool in most marketers’ armoury for over a decade now. And, for good reason. Video is potentially the most versatile medium, it’s proven to deliver the best return on investment and its impact is continually growing. The Covid-19 pandemic has given video even more power (not that it needed it) as brands used it as the best way to maintain engagement and communication whilst we were all separated. A recent HubSpot survey found that whilst 60% of marketers anticipated their budgets would be impacted by Covid, 70% expected their video marketing budget to be increased. This will likely be the result of 68% of consumers saying the pandemic had impacted the amount of video they consume, 96% of which said it had increased.


Video’s long reign can be attributed to ever-developing trends that have given it so many leases of life most felines would feel hard done by. And these trends have become almost cyclical as they seamlessly transition from long form to short form and back again. Just when you thought short form video died with Vine, it’s reincarnated with Tik Tok. We’re told that the consumer attention span has shortened so much that long form content won’t work anymore but supposedly the ideal length for a YouTube video is at least 10 minutes.


If you’re yet to take the plunge into video then it really is time to take the leap. Here’s a few ideas of how you can get started.


Create an explainer video for one of your products or services


Explainer videos do exactly what they say on the tin – they provide an overview of a product or service in a clear and concise way. Giving the viewer a better idea of what’s involved and how it will benefit them. This can be done through animation, motion graphics, someone speaking to camera or even a recorded PowerPoint presentation. It can also be a combination of all of the above. This is your opportunity to answer any questions your customers might have, build trust and engage with your audience.


Here’s an explainer we did recently for our friends at Whzan Digital Health.

Film some video testimonials


Whether it be client testimonials as part of a sales and marketing campaign or employee testimonials to support your recruitment, getting some people to talk on camera about how great you are is sure to help you achieve your objectives. Anyone’s decision process is sure to be made easier by hearing from someone we relate to that they made that decision and it benefited them.


If you’re looking to film testimonials yourself then make sure you follow some key rules:


  • Shoot at eye level
  • Away from lots of background noise
  • With any natural light pointing onto someone’s face, rather than behind them


Make a video to support your social media campaign


Video content on social media is reported to generate 1200% more shares than text and static image content. So, if you’re looking to expand the reach of your social campaign then video is your friend. A scroll through any social media platform will give you an insight into the world of possibilities when it comes to social videos. When putting your social video together there are a few things to consider:


  • 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed without sound
  • 70% of Instagram users watch videos in the form of stories
  • 90% of Twitter videos are viewed on a mobile device


Here’s a video we created to support Brain Research UK’s #Brainathlon campaign.

So, whilst other content still has a very worthy place within your content strategy, video stands high and mighty as the jewel in your crown. For its loyal subjects, it’s a kind and generous ruler. For those yet to pledge fealty – you’ll likely find its full force placed firmly behind your competition.


All hail the king.


If you’re looking for some support in getting started with your video marketing, find out more about our services and get in touch here.  

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